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January 24, 2006

Super Foods

As a girl who used to be a card-carrying schlub when it came to diet and exercise, I feel like I am turning my back on my roots by posting this but hey, cancer changes a girl. (I am all better now but the last year and a half has included surgery, baldness and much cell-zapping.)

I just spent an hour reviewing some things I already knew about food and its relationship to health when my pal Marge called. [She goes by Meg generally, but I like to call her Marge since there just aren't enough Marge's anymore.] I accidentally monopolized the conversation by bombarding her with facts about the Super Foods and their combined power to keep me and my family cancer-free when she stopped me and said, nicely, "So are you gonna send an email to all the people you love and tell them this?"

I was starting to do just that and I thought I could go one better. Here, for the people I love and the people I don't even know, is the Cliffs Notes on Super Foods:

1. The big winner is BROCCOLI, and Broccoli's cousins, Cabbage and Cauliflower.

2. Coming in right behind the Cruciferous stuff is BEANS (including soy). Beans rule in my house so this was good news.

3. Closing out the B run is BERRIES. Berries are fun for all, although kinda expensive, and these should definitely be organic. Those crap pesticides soak right into berries.

4. ONIONS and garlic and chives come next. Apparently, it is NOT necessary to go oranic here. Garlic seems like an easy thing to work into a recipe a day.

5. COLORFUL STUFF, like carrots, melons, spinach, tomatoes. Think rainbow produce.

6. FISH. It seems our friends from the sea come packed with Omega-3s and O3s are, as Beck says, "where it's at".

7. NUTS and SEEDS. So now you have en excuse to toss back a handful on your next trip to the country club.

8. GREEN TEA, and tea in general. We've been making a pitcher a day around here and drinking it over ice with a little Splenda. I've come to love it but I'm a sucker for stuff that's gonna keep the IV out of my arm.

My source is The Cancer Lifeline Cookbook and there's a hundred pages more to tell but for now, this seems like more than enough. xoxo, Kelly