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November 26, 2007

Have I driven you to the liquor cabinet yet?

I just wanted to apologize for the 6 or 7 emails you've gotten from Feedblitz lately. As you can tell, I have been updating the site to include all the relevant info about The Middle Place, which hits bookstores on January 8. In anticipation, I thought I'd share the backstory about the cover.

At first, it was set to look like this (that's my actual school picture from kindergarten):

But some people thought I looked a little alarmed in that photo, or like I had just been whacked in the ass with a paddle but was trying to remain stoic. So then it changed to this:

But then a few other memoirs that are coming out around mine seemed to have similar covers so the next thing I knew, they sent over this:

At which point, I was headed to the liquor cabinet for some self-soothing. Rather than crawl into a nice fat bottle of Pinor Noir, I opened up Photoshop and came up with my own little idea, which, it turns out, is being "a bad customer" and so I backed off and that's how the book jacket came to be this:

Which we are all very happy with.

At any rate, while all this has been unfolding, you've been peppered with emails about my site and I'm sure there's a simple way for me to control for that but the truth is, I'm no tech support and my husband is tiring of the role.

So, anyway, thanks for hanging in there. (6 people unsubscribed and mother didn't like that one lousy bit.)

And hey, if you want an advance copy of The Middle Place and you're one of those people who loves to evangelize about your favorite new book or movie or song, send me your mailing address. I only have 5 so "act now!"