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February 26, 2010

On the road again

I'm headed out of town on Monday to read from the new book, Lift, which is available online now for pre-orders and next Tuesday (3/2) in stores. I'm set for a 20 stop tour (NYC, CT, Boston, NH, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Philly, DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Houston, Dallas, Denver and Phoenix, to name a few). Would love to see you or your friends in the audience. Full tour schedule here.

You can also read a short excerpt of Lift on my site. The book is quite short, a single-sitting read, and is written as a letter to my girls about what it has been to be their mother so far and in particular, three things that happened in the early days of parenting that, to varying degrees, pre-occupy me still. The book means a lot to me; I hope you like it.